Saturday, December 17, 2005

Great quotes from Bob Jones Sr.

When I started attending Bethany Free Pesbyterian Church in Portadown, N. Ireland in 1975, I always enjoyed the visits of Bob Jones Jr. to the church. I liked his southern 'drawl' and his colourful, expressive preaching.

I recently came across some of Bob Jones Sr.'s popular chapel sayings. Superb. BJ Sr. started Bob Jones University in 1927.

Here are a few quotes to whet your appetite:

The door to the room of success swings on the hinges of opposition.

The two biggest little words in the English language are the two little words "do right."

It is better to die for something than to live for nothing.

Your character is what God knows you to be; your reputation is what men think you are.

It is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.

God will not do for you what He has given you strength to do for yourself.

Don't sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.

The test of your character is what it takes to stop you.

Zacchaeus had short legs, but he outran the crowd when Jesus passed through town. Short legs will get you there as fast as long legs if you know how to use them.