Saturday, March 24, 2007

Prospective Literacy Student

We visited another Loron village yesterday to check up on progress in the literacy classes.

We had never been to this particular village before, located along the Burkina/Ivory Coast border, so it was exciting to find over 30 enthusiastic students struggling to master this new skill of reading and writing.

There are twenty adults and ten children taking the course. Ten of the more capable students are racing ahead and have completed almost half the lessons. The three teachers, Jacques, Katherine and Honoré are doing an excellent job.

We brought a new blackboard for them and we also left some money with them to get a couple of tables made.

We have now visited all 6 Loron villages where literacy classes have started over the past couple of months. In total there are about 85 students currently working through the course, with over 60 more waiting their turn to start.