Monday, January 02, 2006

Mars exploration - is it worth the money?

Two years after the European Beagle splattered itself on the surface of Mars, it appears that the American exploration vehicles, Spirit and Opportunity, which landed successfully a few days after Beagle's unsightly impact on the red planet, are still going strong. They had been expected to last for only 3 months.

Apparently another European mission is planned.

My question is, why do we (British/Europeans) continue to waste so much money and effort trying to keep up with the Americans?

Despite allusions of grandeur in many a European capital, technologically, we are never going to catch up with the USA. Why can we not just accept reality, bite the bullet, and cooperate with the Yanks, instead of competing against them?

Just think of all that money being used to help eradicate malaria or fight hunger in the world.

Click here for some great views from the American Mars explorers.