Friday, November 10, 2006

Eight Qualify as Literacy Teachers

Some of the literacy materials which were given to the new Loron literacy teachers

We have just had an exhausting, but very rewarding two weeks here in Burkina.
The Loron trainee teachers attending the literacy course worked so hard that they were able to complete their studies a couple of days early. Marina was thrilled at the effort put in by all the students.

During nine days of intensive study and practical exercises the students covered various aspects of literacy including grammar, punctuation, reading, writing and teaching skills.

Eight students, six men and two women, qualified as literacy teachers, and in January they are planning to start schools in six different Loron villages in Ivory Coast. We gave each village a complete set of booklets, a teacher’s manual and hundreds of flashcards to help them get started.

Altogether, there are around 100 adults and young people in these villages who want to learn how to read and write.

The political crisis in Ivory Coast has led to the collapse of the school system in the area where most of the Loron live, so we are hoping that these new schools will be a help to the Loron people.

Marina with her 10 students

Honore and Zaaki, two enthusiastic Loron men who cycled 90 miles to attend the literacy training course. Both of them qualified as teachers.