Friday, April 06, 2007

Tired of hearing about Global Warming?

This just in from the Wall Street Journal:

...Don't be alarmed, but the planet is getting hotter. According to the latest computer models, surface air temperatures rose by 1.17 degrees Fahrenheit just between the 1970s and the '90s. Earlier estimates had the Earth warming by 1.33 degrees over an entire century.

Hey, we told you not to be alarmed. It's Mars that's warming--"four times faster than Earth," according to Agence France-Presse:

The explanation is in the dirt.

Glistening Martian dust lying on the ground reflects the Sun's light--and its heat--back into space, a phenomenon called albedo.

But when this reddish dust is churned up by violent winds, the storm-ravaged surface loses its reflective qualities and more of the Sun's heat is absorbed into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise. . . .

Exactly what triggers the planet's so-called "global dust storms" remains a mystery.

Maybe it’s little green men driving around in 4 wheel drive trucks built from the litter of the European Space Agency’s crashed probe Beagle 2!